The 9th China-Dongguang Carton Machinery International Exhibition

The 9th China-Dongguang Carton Machinery International Exhibition


In 1989s, China begin reform and opening, there exist mostly state-owned factories before that. After 1991s, lots of state-owned factories closed down and collapsed, they are purchased by the managers or execusives, that begin chinese private company economic.

At beginning, a famous single facer manufacturer takes most of share of corrugated packing market, it’s Jingshan light machine group-the first listed corrugated packing company in Shanghai Stock market. At early time, single facer is mornally used in corrugated box plant, but they find the single face corrugated sheets are too soft and not durable, it’s too thin, so corrugated sheet production line is really urgent need. There are some packing machine components manufacturers in Dongguang county at 1990s, they find the huge demand for corrugated packing machine in China, so they cooperated with advanced company from Handan Packing machine company-state-owned, bought the techinque from the retired techinque staff, finally they make the corrugated packing machine in their own factory. After that, more and more people participate in producing corrugated packing machine, more and more factories are set up, until now, there are more than 500s corrugated carton machinery manufacturers in Dongguang county.

Now , we have a Sino-Dongguang international carton machinery exhibiton in our county every year. Almost 300s corrugated carton machine manufacturers will participate, at the exhibiton, you can find every kind of carton machine you need in corrugated carton plant : 2/3/5/7 corrugated sheet production line(corrugator machine), includes single facer, hydraulic mill roll stand, corrugated sheet convery bridge, corrugated paper pre-heater, double backer, computer slitter scorer, corrugated board cutting off machine, corrugated sheets deliverying and stacking machine. Corrugated carton making machine:flexo printing machine, automatic flexo printer slotter slotter die cutter,automatic corrugated carton production line-flexo folder gluer, automatic corrugated folding gluing machine, semi-auto stitching machine, semi-auto gluing machine, corrugated strapping machine , corrugated roller etc.

If you have demand for corrugated packing machine, you really should visit our exhibiton, you can learn a lot about carton machine and carton plant.

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